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KFUM Huddinge Basketklubb

Coach Kickoff

Invitation to all coaches in Huddinge Basket! 


A new season 24/25 is upon us, and we warmly welcome you as a coach to this years kickoff - a magical and fun day in Stuvstahallen!


When: Saturday, August 24th

Where: Stuvstahallen

ᴹᵒʳᵉ ᵈᵉᵗᵃⁱˡˢ ᵗⁱᵐᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵃᵍᵉⁿᵈᵃ ʷⁱˡˡ ᶜᵒᵐᵉ ˢʰᵒʳᵗˡʸ


Join us for a day of sharing, informing, and getting ready for the upcoming season. We have exciting news to share, and look forward to meeting with all our coaches. 


Youll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about relevant updates and information for the new season
  • Meet and connect with other Huddinge Basket coaches
  • Participate in activities to inspire and energize you for the year ahead
  • Discuss and request equipment you may need
  • Meet, listen and get to know our board.

I hope youll all mark this important date in your calendars. It is crucial that we come together as a strong coaching community, so your involvement is greatly appreciated.


Look forward to seeing you there!


JD Sanders -  Sports Director, Huddinge Basket

Säsongsavslutnings i Rådsparken

Då var det dags för Huddinge Baskets årliga basketavslutning. Måndagen den 3/6 kl 18-20 så kör vi som vanligt i Rådsparken. Det blir fika, grill, godispåsar, lekar, boll och klädförsäljning och massa annat skoj. 


Vi är på plats där redan från kl 17 om någon vill lira lite boll.


Måndagen den 10 Juni kl 19 håller Huddinge Basket årsmöte. Platsen är Fritidsgården vid Skogås Torg.

Vi serverar fika och kaffe. 


Välkomna !!

Huddinge basketherrar klara för slutspel

After a successful and hard-fought season, the Huddinge Basketball Mens Team celebrated yesterdays win as they officially secured their spot in the playoffs. We expect the whole Huddinge family to come out and support us.


We extend our congratulations to both the team and coach Ioannias. Their diligent and strategic efforts have not only yielded commendable results, but also surpassed our expectations, consistently securing a top position throughout the entire season. 


// JD Sanders, Sports director & Jonas Morin, Klubbordförande 





Slutspel i SEH 2024

Lag 1-8 i grundserien går till slutspel, som avgörs i kvartsfinal, semifinal, final.


Kvarts-och semifinalerna avgörs i bästa av 2 matcher, där det bäst rankade laget börjar med bortamatch.


Finalen avgörs i bäst av 3 matcher, där de bäst rankade laget börjar på hemmaplan, och sedan alterneras spelplats.



Kvartsfinal 1: Fredag 12 April

Kvartsfinal 2: Söndag 14 April

Semifinal 1: Fredag 19 April

Semifinal 2: Söndag 21 April

Final 1: Onsdag 24 April

Final 2: Fredag 26 April

Final 3: Söndag 28 April (om nödvändig)


Lions Cup

The schedule for Lions Cup is ready and presented in Profixio. 


Get ready and good luck to all of you! 


CUPER - SERIER - Profixio

Charity Project

We, as athletes here in Huddinge Basket, possess incredible qualities and hold great value not only for ourselves but also for others. Engaging in charity work can be an enriching, exhilarating, and fulfilling experience. The elderly, in particular, greatly appreciate and benefit from the joy and companionship we can provide. Many of them experience loneliness, and a simple smile or conversation can make a significant impact, showing them that someone cares.


With that in mind, I wanted to reach out to the entire Huddinge Basket family and propose a way to spread happiness and uplift the spirits of our elderly community. The idea is for us to become everyday heroes, work in charity, make a meaningful difference outside of the basketball court, and leave an impression in our kommun.


Participation in this initiative would be entirely voluntary, but I genuinely hope that you will join me in creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for both ourselves and the many around our kommun. We will have the opportunity to engage in activities that are suitable for everyone and, most importantly, have meaningful conversations and interact with many people.


I have already established a friendly connection with an organization here in Huddinge, and I believe that by working together, we can make a real impact. This also presents a unique chance for us to establish connections and build fellowship with the older generation, benefiting all parties involved. This is one of many projects that you can have a chance to show WE ARE HUDDINGE BASKET. We are somebody.


If you are player U13 and up and interested in joining me in this charity, please let me know your willingness by sending me an email, and I will keep you informed of the day and time. And hopefully you are free to join.


Let us meet up, share something to eat, and then spend some short quality time with the elderly members of our community. Together, we can brighten their day and have influence in their lives.


But it does not end here, keep a look out for other major charity events. And let’s together show our municipality and all the people we come across how special Huddinge Basket is.




JD Sanders - Sports director


Nyheter från våra lag
Damlaget, 14/06 20:28 
Junior U17 - U19, 14/06 20:27 
Ungdom U13-U16, 14/06 20:26 
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