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KFUM Huddinge Basketklubb

Simona Dobrovolskyté - new head coach Basketettan Dam.  
With a strong background in both playing and coaching, Simona brings valuable knowledge and experience to the team. She has had the privilege of working with esteemed Euroleague coaches, such as Jasilionis Aurimas from BC Khimki and Vilius Stanisauskas from LCC, who is recognized as the best coach in Europe and led the Lithuania National team to a gold medal in 2022.
In addition to her coaching prowess, Simona has an impressive playing career, having represented Lithuanias national team for almost a decade. She has also achieved notable successes in competitions like EuroCup, Baltic league, and all-stars tournaments.
In recent season in Huddinge Basket we have witnessed Simonas skills on the court, she has now made the decision to transition to the coaching side. We are happy that Simona has agreed to lead the womens team in the upcoming season and believe her leadership will not only maintain the previous seasons success but also foster further development for our team and players.
Simona, who has extensive experience in basketball, hopes that her expertise will enable her to identify the small details that can contribute to the womens success. She is excited and looking forward to the start of the season, bringing a great deal of enthusiasm to her new role as coach.
Warm welcome Simona!
JD Sanders - Sports director
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