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September 2021

Hey, everybody, here's my first month's letter for the fall and the season 21/22.

We have left the summer behind us and September has just passed. It feels fantastic that all teams in Huddinge Basket have been able to start practice. All training and matches are gratifying now allowed without restrictions and on 29 September the audience will be allowed to return. Of course, we should all continue to be careful but the feeling of being seen and socializing again is for all of us wonderful.

On October 9 in Stuvstahallen, there will be premiere games for both Baskettan's Women's and Men's teams. I hope there will be a lot of people and that you take the opportunity to fill the stands. More details about times and activities for the day will come soon. Let's make this a fun Huddinge Basket family day.

Of course, I also hope that you all go out and cheer on your own children and young when they play their games on the weekends, the support from having you there in the stands is invaluable. I know that there are currently some problems with finding the game programs. Attach a link with what is available and you have to look around a bit to find your team, PROFIXIO. I hope to get back to you soon with a link where we better can see the games for Huddinge in one place.

There is a lot of work around a basketball team and for it to work in the best way, support from parents is invaluable for coaches and players. So important, but not very onerous. All helping hands are good for a coach and team. So, if you not already are a lagförälder, talk to your coach and say you want to join.

This season I will be out on the floor a lot in Edbo- and Stuvstahallen with focus to help and support our coaches and players. In this way, I believe there will be many different forms of development. Spontaneous meeting and practices where the coach thought more specifically about what needs to be sharpened. The basis is teamwork and together our goal should be to have fun and at the same time develop and become even better at basketball. Every other Saturday, for players from U13 and up, I have started to have variants of extra development training. Special Development in Edbohallen (we work with effective basketball drills) and Stuvstahallen in the rehab room (work with strength, explosion and balance). Our coaches contacting me for those who are interested in participating to strengthen and improve themselves individually.

And then a reminder, don´t forget to pay membership fees for season 21/22. They are incredibly important to get in to be able to run a club and sporting activities. The fee covers large parts of the expenses the association has for series games, hall rents, license fees, registration fees for cups, association events in various forms, etc.  You find more information on our website https://www.huddingebasket.se/OmHuddingeBasket/Avgifter/

We are now looking for members of the youth board. Do you know someone who would be suitable for the assignment? Ask them to contact me. Or if you have any suggestions on who you would like to work for the club's youth board, let me know. We are looking for curious and innovative young people who really want to be involved in lifting and developing our club! The group will be the best if we can get a good mix of girls and boys of all ages from 13 years and older.

I would like to briefly take the opportunity to mention two of some memorable moments for me this summer. The first was in June, our SummerCamp "Big Bounce" in Stuvstahallen and Edbohallen. Our players worked hard under the guidance of the coaches and I´m convinced that everyone got new basketball experiences.  And then at the end of July we had a nice 3X3 in Skeppsmyreparken where players of mixed ages participated, the basketball game kept a high tempo together with the music flowing out of the speaker.


Jd Sanders

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