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May 2021

Now spring is here and we are soon putting a very strange and different season behind us. Summer is just around the corner and we hope that there will be many nice and sunny days where all basketball lovers can be on our outdoor courts and of course also have wonderful days on the beach or out hiking in nature.

This will be my last letter before the summer break, so I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thanks to all of you in and around Huddinge Basket which made it possible for our regular activities have been able to work despite the circumstances. It´s important that we continue in the same way next season and that we do it together.

In the middle of May, a fun activity was arranged in Ågesta Friluftsområde. Bubble Ball, an exciting and fun version of football. The players were placed in large air bubbles made of transparent plastic then it was full speed ahead. Great fun and many teams were there and played. After play and fun, everyone was invited to grilled.

On May 17, the news came that those born in 2001 and earlier were given the opportunity to practice in organized activities indoors. So now all our teams are running again and it feels really good that we all are be back in the halls.

On June 1, some easing and adjustments of restrictions and bans regarding Covid-19 are proposed. This would mean that the planned activities of the summer would be possible.  As we keep health and safety the ultimate priority, we can´t right now promise, but we hope it will get better and therefore ask you to continue follow the information from FHM, the municipality and Huddinge Basket.

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BIG BOUNCEHuddinge Basket's SummerCamp which is free. A day camp for boys and girls born 2002–2012. For anyone who wants to take the next step in their basketball development and keep a high tempo. Our coaches will focus on individual development, fundamentals and basic skills of basketball and develop. You need to register your interest via the form on the website no later than 31 May 2021.  Click here and read more about the Camp and the form to fill in.


Huddinge Basket will even this year have 3X3. It´s a wonderful and fun activity where all members in our club who play basketball are welcome to participate. Our plan is to have three different dates and venues in Huddinge in July. The activity is dependent on the weather of course. So stay tuned, more information will come!

To round off this letter and season, I want to send with some thoughtful words to you all out there. We spend a lot of time together then it is important that we are a good listener, be present and give attention. We not always do the right thing or succeed in everything, but in each of us there is a human being, a soul and a heart who tries their best. Never wait to help someone who needs you. Tell each other that you are good or when someone has done something good. Be a good friend, always work as a team and show respect for similarities and differences. Remember, kind is cool!

Keep an eye out on our website and social media so you don't miss anything.

Again, many thanks for all the good work this season and now we will soon take summer vacation to then be seen happy and charged for the season 21/22. But I hope to see you at the summer activities!


JD Sanders



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