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April 2021

Time is fast and now it's time for a new update to all of you reading my monthly letters.

Since we continue to live in the middle of a pandemic, there is some concern in me, what will be the effects for our children and young people in the longer term. Life and living have in many ways changed into something we could not even imagine would hit us and affect an entire world. Therefore, I really want and hope that we all keep together and remind each other that no one is alone. Together we will get through this by showing each other friendship and care.

Happily, Huddinge Basket’s coach Chris Lemba has been appointed by KFUM:s organization for “unga ledare” to one of three from Sweden who will be participate in an international leadership education for young leaders in sports.

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The club has once again arranged "gamedays" which is a fantastic and fun alternative for all our basketball-hungry children and young people who had a game season cancelled. We have learned that it is not always possible to change the external circumstances, but we can always try to find solutions for adapt based on prevailing circumstances. The love of basketball makes us fight, persevere and never give up.

How is our youth board doing? Well right now they are working and reviewing many ideas and thoughts about activities and soon as there is an opportunity to be more together again, these will be realizing. So, keep your eyes open and a tip is to follow them at Instagram - @huddingenation. In addition to this, they are very committed and involved in the work around anti bullying and well-being for our kids. On April 10 at Gameday they took the opportunity to be in Stuvstahallen and meet a lot with our young players. It was appreciated among those who was there, so we'll see where they show up next time, surprises and mingles. And remember, you as a young member in the club are always welcome to contact them if have ideas for activities you would like to do, you want them to visit you and your team or just talk.  Ungdomsstyrelsen

Huddinge BasketballCamp 2021 -  imagea0ee.png

We are working on the preparations for a SummerCamp. To be able to implement it, we need to get relief from the restrictions that apply right now. Since we keep health and safety the ultimate priority we can´t right now promise that the camp will be able to have but we do all planning to be prepared in the best way.

This is a basketball camp for those who want to take the next step in their basketball development. The goal is to give each individual new or “finer” tools to become a better basketball player,  have fun and create good practice and friend memories. More detailed information and link to registration for interest will appear on the website shortly. We will apply 'first come, first served' principle to the places offered.

That's all for this time, wish you all a nice day.


JD Sanders - Sportchef

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