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Anastasiya Karaivanova – ny ass. Coach till HU19

14 OKT 2020 18:42
Vi hälsar Anastasiya välkommen till Huddinge Basket. Hon ansluter nu som assisterande coach till Kostas Koumtsidis för vårt HU19.
  • Skapad: 14 OKT 2020 18:42

Kort om Anastasiya:

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started playing basketball:


I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Got inspired by my dad, while watching him play every weekend at the tournaments with his work/colleagues’ team. Moreover, playing 21 with him and my mom outside at the playground got me to love the game.


I played 16 years of basketball so far. Officially started at the age of 8 with testing on the club team Slavia, surprisingly I was well prepared already, I love the game and it went that I never left the gym. The game is a part of me and I'm forever thankful of what it gave me and what it continues to give me.

My basketball experience is very  colorful and with unforgettable emotions and memories. It did develop me not only as a player but a better person and a student.


What are your basketball experiences?


Clubs Slavia Sofia and Rilski Sportist – Bulgaria

Rock Valley College – NJCAA and National Champions with this team 2017

West Virginia Wesleyan College NCAA Div2, learning from the best Vicky Bullett (WNBA, Olympic Champion and bronze medallist)

Worked basketball kids camps and special Olympics.


What is your position when you play?


Played as power forward and a center.



What are your expectations for the future for you in Huddinge Basket?


I'm super happy to be here in Stockholm, working on my Masters and to have the opportunity to be part of Huddinge Basket.

I want to share my knowledge and passion for the game with the young people. In addition to developing and growing as a coach. I believe the community in Huddinge Basket is the right place to do it.

Skribent: Hakim Rudels
E-post: Adressen Gömd

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